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A Tranquil Haven in Dural: Creating an Ideal Learning Environment

Set amidst a sprawling 30-acre bushland site in Dural, Warrah Specialist School offers a serene and idyllic setting for children with moderate to severe intellectual disability as their primary diagnosis.

Beyond its picturesque location, Warrah Specialist School is part of the larger Warrah Community, which encompasses a biodynamic and organic farm as well as a supported community for adults with disabilities. This holistic approach to education and care sets Warrah School apart as a nurturing haven for students seeking a natural and inclusive learning experience.

Steiner Education for Children with Disabilities

Founded half a century ago, Warrah Specialist School follows the principles of Rudolf Steiner education, which focuses on the harmonious development of the whole child. Rooted in the belief that education should address the thinking, feeling, and activity aspects of human development, the Steiner approach aligns perfectly with Warrah School’s vision. By incorporating the healing power of nature and hands-on engagement with natural materials such as wood, wool, and fibre, the school’s unique outdoor curriculum represents a cutting-edge approach to special needs education.

Nurturing Connection and Meaning through Hands-On Learning

Warrah Specialist School believes that students thrive when they have a deep connection with the natural world. Rather than relying solely on traditional teaching methods, the school engages students in a wide range of practical tasks that foster their innate creativity and joy of creation. From spinning and weaving wool on a loom to turning wood on a lathe, students acquire valuable skills while discovering the satisfaction of bringing their ideas to life. Through these manual activities, they find connection, meaning, and a sense of accomplishment, which greatly enhances their overall development.

The Therapeutic Power of Farm Life and Sustainable Agriculture

Warrah School leverages its beautiful environment to offer students an immersive experience in sustainable agriculture. With nearly 1000 trees, fruit and vegetable gardens, and abundant wildlife, the school embraces the rhythms and routines of farm life to create a calming and nurturing atmosphere. This approach is especially beneficial for our students who often grapple with anxiety. By experiencing the impact of weather, seasons, and rainfall firsthand, students gain a profound understanding of nature’s cycles and develop a deep appreciation for food from farm to table.

Equipping Students with Life Skills and Preparing for Independence

At the core of Warrah Specialist School’s mission is teaching life skills that empower students to lead meaningful and independent lives. The curriculum emphasises practical tasks and activities that instil independence, confidence, and a sense of purpose. From learning to cook in the school’s kitchen to cultivating healthy eating habits, students develop vital life skills that pave the way for self-sufficiency. They engage in simple meal preparations, grocery shopping, money management, and household chores, ensuring they are well-prepared for a seamless transition into the community and the pursuit of their potential.

Fostering Growth, Independence, and Joy

For Principal Anna Wetzel and the entire Warrah School community, witnessing students flourish is the ultimate reward. The school’s commitment to focusing on students’ capacity rather than their limitations is at the heart of their success. By providing a nurturing environment, holistic education, and meaningful experiences, Warrah Specialist School enables children with disabilities to become the best versions of themselves. With an emphasis on building physical strength, overcoming challenges, and cultivating joy through connection, Warrah Specialist School paves the way for a purposeful and fulfilling life for every student.

To arrange a visit to Warrah Specialist School, please register for our next open day.