Curriculum Approach

Warrah Specialist School has developed an exciting curriculum on the leading edge of special needs education. As the only Steiner based special (specialist) school in Australia the students, staff and parents are nurtured by a guiding philosophy which treats each person with reverence.

Rather than using the old sedentary model of learning which focuses on book, screen and desk, we leave the classroom and engage the students in a range of practical tasks in the world outside: tasks such as spinning and weaving, woodwork, harvesting and cooking. Students still learn the key academic skills, but learn them through practical, meaningful activities. At the same time this prepares them for a working life beyond school, and develops a sense of pride and independence.

Imagine noticing a young boy experiencing some anxiety being able to go with a staff member to chop wood which is later sold to locals and thus finding his own way to calm and self-regulation. Or for a young boy enthusiastic about Maths to be able to create a geometric pattern on a circular loom and create a rug by figuring out the lines and colours in the warp and weft that will give him the result he wants. Facing obstacles and struggling with particular skills are opportunities for each to learn new skills and strategies and so become competent and responsible for ones future.

Our goal is to ensure each student achieves his or her potential through meaningful, purposeful activity and work.