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Our Staff

“When compared with 4,900 staff across 29 independent schools in Australia, our staff engagement levels were 9% higher. Staff wellbeing exceeded standards by 2%, and staff perception of our progress and success exceeded benchmarks by 11%”. (Results of 2022 Voice Project survey)


Qualified and Committed Staff

Warrah Specialist School is supported by a team of specialist teachers, assistants, therapists and administrative personnel. Our staff are highly qualified, trained and committed to providing innovative and individualised learning for each student, which promotes skill development and independence. Where appropriate, we also contract qualified specialists to bring specific skills to students.

Supported, Valued, and Engaged

At Warrah, we value our staff and are committed to ensuring they feel supported, valued, and engaged. In 2022 we partnered with Voice Project, an external independent agency, to undertake a survey to measure staff engagement, wellbeing, and progress. The survey had a response rate of 79%, with the majority of respondents reporting high levels of engagement, positive wellbeing and progress at work.

Belief in Warrah’s Purpose and Ethical Standards

We are proud to report that 100% of our staff believe in the overall purpose and ethics of Warrah Specialist School. This result highlights the strong alignment between our staff’s personal values and beliefs and the mission and values of our school.

High Engagement and Job Satisfaction

92% reported high engagement, job satisfaction, and commitment to their work. This result is a testament to our supportive and inclusive workplace culture, where staff feel valued and motivated to make a positive difference in the lives of our students.

Positive Wellbeing and Stress Management

We understand the importance of supporting our staff’s emotional wellness and stress management, especially in a challenging and demanding work environment. We are pleased to report that 72% reported positive wellbeing, wellness, and stress management.

Positive Perception about Performance and Optimism

86% reported that they feel positively about performance and optimism at work. This result demonstrates that our staff are confident and optimistic about the future of Warrah Specialist School and are committed to achieving positive outcomes for our students and the wider community.

Encouragement for Improvement and Positive Results

96% reported that they are encouraged to put forward ideas for improvement, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. 96% like the work they do, and believe our school has a strong focus on achieving positive results. These results are a reflection of our staff’s passion and dedication to their work.

Continuous Improvement

We are pleased with the results of the 2022 staff satisfaction and engagement survey, which show that our staff are highly engaged, committed, and satisfied with their work at Warrah Specialist School. We remain committed to providing a supportive and inclusive workplace culture that promotes staff wellbeing, personal and professional growth, and continuous improvement.