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Discover Steiner Education at our Open Day | 20 June 2024 | 10.30am to 12noon

Our next Open Day will be held on Thursday 20 June, 2024 at 10.30am to 12noon.

Discover Steiner Education at our Open Day. You will have the opportunity to see our school in action, and get an insight into Steiner education.

Bookings are essential

Please register your interest here. We take pride in our innovative outdoor curriculum, setting us apart as the only Steiner-based specialist school in Australia. Inspired by the principles of Steiner education, our school is dedicated to providing each student with a comprehensive and holistic educational experience. Steiner education nurtures a love for learning that enables students to unlock their full potential. With a carefully crafted curriculum, we consider each child’s unique developmental journey, introducing subjects at the appropriate time to meet their individual needs. By engaging in hands-on activities like cultivating crops on our biodynamic farm, woodworking, and artistic expression, children acquire valuable life skills and a profound connection with nature. As they progress through school, they explore diverse experiences, fostering inner security, sharpening judgment, and cultivating reverence for their surroundings. Students develop their sense of place within the landscape and their community. We place a deep focus on activities such as weaving, nature craft, bushwalking, gardening, and farming, which we consider necessary companions to literacy and numeracy. We know that it is not just what is taught that is important, but how and where children learn. We offer work experience for our senior students in our own Warrah Organic Farm Shop and Bakery. Packing fruit and vegetable co-op boxes and customer facing work provides an opportunity to produce work of a high standard and build a positive reputation in the wider community. Learning and assisting in the bakery, provides a safe and well-known environment, where students can enhance their skills. We value and celebrate each child and the personal qualities they bring to our school. We recognise that everyone has a contribution to make in our society and has a meaningful path in their self-development.

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Steiner Education Australia is the peak body for Australian Steiner schools. Rudolf Steiner College offers Steiner teacher training and a diverse range of courses.

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