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Our Students

Warrah welcomes students in their wholeness, meeting them in their strengths and challenges. Our approach is through individually designed learning plans facilitated to develop academic learning, skill in work tasks and practical life skills to promote independence and self-esteem.

Every student at Warrah School has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which is a comprehensive and student-centred plan, designed collaboratively by the class teacher, therapists, the family and student and other key stakeholders. Families are acknowledged as important educators of their children and Warrah School values and nurtures strong, positive and regular links between family and the School. 

While each student’s IEP addresses all key learning areas including English, Maths, Science, Human Society and Its Environment, Physical Development, and aims to support each student to achieve their highest potential, students are also offered skill development paths in traditional crafts and activities.

Every student is offered a range of activities, classes, and specialist therapies to assist physical and emotional well-being and to promote personal development.

Students are grouped according to need and capacity and work in small groups with qualified teachers and skilled specialists. Their work has meaning and purpose giving them dignity, confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Our goals is to provide all students with the skills to participate in the wider community, to find their friends and grow in ability and confidence through meaningful, purposeful work.