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What are your shop hours?

The Farm Shop is open:

Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm

Saturday 9.00am – 3.00pm

The shop is closed on public holidays.

Where is the shop?

Warrah Farm Shop is located at 20 Harris Road, Dural. Turn immediately right towards the Farm Shop once you have entered the property. Parking is available in front of the shop.

What produce do you have?

We sell a full range of seasonal organic fruit and vegetables. The items we sell are supplemented with biodynamic and organic fruit and vegetables from certified Australian producers. See more on our Farm Shop page.

Can I order produce in bulk?

With enough notice and subject to availability, we are able to order in unusual items or bulk quantities. Email farmshop@warrah.org.au to discuss your requirements.

Can I order grocery items not in stock?

We always endeavour to help our customers source organic grocery items that they require, and that we might not currently have in stock.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards, including AMEX.

Do you have onsite parking?

Yes. To access parking directly in front of the shop, turn immediately right once you have entered our property at 20 Harris Road, Dural.

Who was Rudolf Steiner?

Rudolf Steiner was most famous for his input into the founding principles of Waldorf education and biodynamic farming. Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher and social reformer who lived from 1861 to 1925. Steiner’s multi-faceted work is known as anthroposophy, which he called ‘awareness of one’s humanity’. He also provided the indications for a curative education for individuals living with a disability. Warrah Society was founded on this approach.

Is organic food more expensive than conventional produce?

While certain items may have a dearer price per kilo, you should not assume that your overall weekly spend will be more expensive than if you went to a regular supermarket. Our peaceful shopping environment and unpackaged produce means you are able to carefully select just the right amount of fruit and veg to meet your needs and to select items that are in season and less expensive at the moment. There should not be any need to waste anything. You might consider the possibility of judging the value of your produce based on flavour, nutrient density, health and environmental benefits and savings, rather than simply making decisions on cost per kilogram. A lot more can be said on this topic.

Do you sell eggs?

We try to always have both organic and biodynamic eggs in stock. The eggs are certified organic and are free range.

Do your eggs come from chickens raised on soy and grains?

This will depend on which producer they have come from. Some of the eggs we stock are pasture fed. Usually we stock biodynamic eggs from Corndale Grove and Glenrose, and organic eggs from Country Range and Organic Ways.

Is everything you sell organic?

All of our fresh produce is Australian certified organic. Wherever possible we aim for produce which is not only organic but also certified biodynamic. Only a couple of our grocery items are not organic (wild caught fish, for example).

What is the difference between organic & biodynamic?

All Australian Certified Organic (ACO) approved biodynamic farms (like our own) are first approved for organic certification and then some additional areas are taken into consideration. Apart from the parallels with other organic farms in terms of not using synthetically produced substances and only using inputs from certified organic or biodynamic sources wherever possible, biodynamic aspects are also audited. These include approaching the farm itself as a living organism, and the intensive use of biodynamic preparations.

Can I order bulk dry goods?

Many customers order bulk (5kg) bags of dry goods such as flour, grains and rice from us. We are always happy to help with orders for products stocked by our regular suppliers and will endeavour to source more unusual items where possible. Email farmshop@warrah.org.au to discuss your requirements.

What are you doing about reducing waste?

Sustainability is one of our core values. Our produce is certified organic and biodynamic. We seek to minimise waste and encourage reuse and recycling. Most of our fresh produce is completely free of packaging, so you can buy just the quantity you need without being compelled to take fresh produce home in plastic. We sell eco-friendly bags and encourage you to bring your own or simply go without!

Do you grow everything here?

We choose to grow produce typically farmed manually, using common hand tools.  The nature of our organisation and our ethos means it suits us to grow crops that do not require specialised machinery and technology typically used to grow on a larger scale.

We specialise in growing fresh greens and herbs. Freshness is key and so it’s best to harvest and sell as quickly and as locally as possible, with minimal travel time.

Is all the produce in the Farm Shop local?

All the fruit and vegetables we sell are Australian. It is impossible to find a full range of produce grown within a radius of 100km of Sydney. Thanks to Australia’s great and varied climate, most popular items are available year round. Our focus is always first and foremost of selecting quality produce, and wherever possible we will favour produce from other biodynamic growers.

Warrah Farm Shop supplies organic fruit and vegetables to collection hubs around Sydney.

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